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A t h e n s !


A historical point of reference, a strange modern day paradigm.

A multicultural,lively city with fervent nightlife,the melting pot of great young designers & artists,

a challenge for architects.

Well, Athens can be all the above and more!


Discover the real Athens, all the real reasons why we love it.

Α group of architects, photographers, artists,musicians, writers will give you their insight of the city.


Discover Athens like an insider,learn about its history and its treasures, appreciate the

creative dynamic of this city's imperfections.


Alternative Tours of Athens takes you on this walk, shows you the city,

reveals its neighborhoods and its people.


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May 2015

"Athens: the comic book"








A collection of 16 stories inspired by Athens - the chaos, the beauty, the darkness, and hope.


Athens: the comic book

is a collection of short stories inspired by Athens - the chaos, the beauty, the darkness, diversity and hope found in this great city. We sent an open call for stories, gave freedom to participants to choose their theme, and received 16 fantastic, romantic, realistic, social, and above all true experiences.

That way, anyone who'd like to change something along the street, can say exactly what they'd like there to be. 

The Idea

We aim to publish the collection of stories directly into 2 languages, in Greek and English. We feel that this collection will touch Greeks and non-Greeks alike, those who want to see a different narrative of the city.

We hope that this publication will help promote new authors, and bring Greek comics further outwards into the world. That's why the collection includes both renowned artists as well as talented beginners taking their first steps.


ATA-indiegogo we need your help

here is our indiegogo campaign to support the effort

and our launching party this Friday, May the 8th (20:00 local time) at Impact Hub Athens ...hope to see you there!


kind thanks to all of you!!!